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Some More Vaguely Amusing Internet Jocularity

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2 hours ago, Dancing Brave said:

The people behind her :D


"any questions" ...yeah can you balance a spoon on your nose ? 


"Can you still do it when you put baby powder on your skin so it's not just sticking to your gross sweaty chest?"  Here's someone with a "magnetic arm" discovering that in real time.




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25 minutes ago, BottledDog said:

Eh. Can't help saying that in a Devon accent.

Maybe I was particularly un-'lover'-ble, but never came across that. Where in Newcastle were you based?

I lived centrally, but this was all over town.

I remember the ladies who worked at Greggs in the Grainger Market were always saying it, but who knows, maybe it was just the way they saw me...


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