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Favourite words


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My top 4 favourite words I learnt in 2012:


4) Hegemony "an indirect form of government of imperial dominance, by threat and not direct military action"


3) paradigm " the set of practices that define a scientific discipline at any particular period of time"


2) palimpsest “scraped clean and used again”


1) de facto "in practice but not necessarily ordained by law"


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Suckhole.. in the context of a workplace (or social) setting, mainly workplace.


A sort of informal International Suckhole Registry (for the workplace, and there has to be a reasonable amount of signatures) should be created. When a new lad, or lass, joins your crew it would be good to at least have a heads-up.


An acquaintance of mine, whom i won't talk 'shop' to about anything, is basically a career suckhole . A long story short, he burnt a mate of his, who helped him get a foot in the door initially, and i'd feel extremely uneasy at the prospect of working with him,


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