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Indie Horrors


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May fall flat on its arse but regardless, anyone a fan of these? A few along the lines of the following:




I think they're great, tbh. :lol: Ridiculous how such simple games can give you the creeps. Nearly shit my pants playing Slender the first time. Then you look at it again and you think, how did that scare me? Then you play it again and get creeped out all over again. Some pretty cool games out there, not really the sort of "genre" you'd actively spend hours playing as such but in the same breath they can be addictive in an odd way.



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Intrigued by Slender Man. Is it just a case of if he finds you, you die? You can't attack him at all?


You can attack him I think but not until you get all 8 pages and find a gun or something.

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