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Battlefield 4


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BF3 looks amazing, so just fix the shit hit registration, and improve the performance of the engine. No doubt they'll have something amazing or some stupid gimic, hopefully the first.

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Leaked Battlefield 4 details:


This info comes from the same source who was the first to leak the Battlefield 4 artwork / teaser, and who was also spot on about EA releasing a teaser trailer. So we’re pretty confident in this information.


Battlefield 4 will stick with 64 players. Maps are larger and more detailed.

Three factions: US, Russia, and an unnamed “Eastern/Asian” faction.

4 classes with “additional features and tweaks” compared to BF3

Shipping with same amount of maps as BF3, there are plans for lots of DLC.

DLC is already in planning stages.

Battlefield 4 Premium will be available on day one and include some perks.

Most of the guns and vehicles from BF3 will return.

More squad features.

Commander feature returns, but won’t be the same as in BF2

Battlefield 4 is coming out on both current and next gen systems, and PC as well.

Game is more of an evolution rather than revolution of the series. Both technically and gameplay wise.

Will ship with more game modes than BF3

Will ship with more close quarter infantry maps than BF3

Frostbite 2 engine is pushed further in BF4. Better effects, higher res textures, more detailed game worlds, etc.

BF3 will still be supported after Battlefield 4 launches.

There is plan of some sort of integration between BF3 and BF4. Could be Battlelog-only.

Battlelog will be updated for Battlefield 4 with more social features and more detailed stats.

Single-player and co-op will return, new writers involved this time.

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If true then the commander part is the bit that interests me most. When a good commander was in control in BF2, it made games so much better. A bit of direction and areas to hit when in a squad was great fun.

I loved ordering people about in BF2, when it worked it was great to see the battle change in your favour due to some well executed/followed tactics :)

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I have to admit I'm a little disappointed that they haven't gone back to WW2. But then the evolution of the game has been more towards stealing the CoD fanbase than developing the Battlefield one.


I miss the air battles in 1942 where it wasn't lock on missiles and flares but skill to get the drop on the other pilot and gun him down before going back to bombing the opposition tanks. Also miss the pacing of the old games where you actually feared being killed because you'd rejoin the battle a fair distance away instead of being able to respawn and return to the fight exactly where you were within 10 seconds.


Just personal preferences though. Nothing wrong with the modern combat thing but just like when WW2 games were popular, it seems the market is becoming oversaturated with them.

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BF4 Mission package sent out to media.



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Its finally happened, Military FPS have bored me to the state of i don't care anymore.


:lol: Aye, it looks mindblowing graphically but it's not getting me as excited as it should. No doubt I'll be well and truly on the bandwagon by the time it's released though :okay:

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Is everything going to be needlessly blue tinted, bloomed and lens-flared to fuck again?

This, don't think it looks very good at all tbh. Sure, technically it looks fine, but give me Bioshock Infinite over this any day of the week.

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