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Superhub + Router but no Homegroup


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Right hope we have a networking guru on here


The issue...


I have 120mb virgin media with their utter  weak as p**s wifi range Superhub.


Superhub is in sitting room, this PC is connected to it via lan cable, also connected to it via lan cable in an xbox 360(old no built in wifi) and my Onkyo AV is connected via lan for DNLA music playback.


As I am in a bungalow making the bedrooms a good distance from the superhub my kids struggle to get a wifi signal in their rooms.

They both have an xbox 360 one is old no wifi the other is the new built in wifi one, both have netbooks.

So I had an idea I bought the Netgear  powerline adapter things, one plugs into the wall in the sitting room with a lan cable connecting it to the superhub, the other I placed in the closest bedroom and connected into my netgrear WNR2000 router, to that I then hooked up one of the xbox's via lan cable.

It also meant I had another wireless network, my other daughter connected her netbook to this network no issue but for some reason her 360 will not allow her to connect to it.


I also cannot work out how I can connect to the WNR200 setup page to check the settings in it.


My other issue is that the 360 that is connected to the WNR2000 via lan cable does not show up on my homegroup so I can share movies with it.


Hope this all makes sense.

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Hi mate, the wnr2000 probably is set at as default, logon is "admin" and password is "password", maybe a good idea to factory reset it first? then config it from scratch, easiest way is to do it from a laptop or netbook connected to the wnr with a cable.


The superhub will be on so slightly different ip ranges, easiest thing to do is make the wnr2000 ip match the superhub, put it on, so its out the way, and make sure all your devices are on that same range. eg, xbox, netbook etc etc, could even set them as static ip's if you know how to?


change the wireless settings on the wnr so its not on same freq as the superhub,  and see how you get on from there.



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Head battered... Can you be a bit more specific mate ?


wnr ip is on the superhub


but on the wnr attached devices the xbox ip is


I get that all ip's need to be in the 192.168.0 range but where and how do I change that cheers :D


On the superhub under DCHP Reservation.. user_pc is the laptop hooked up to the wnr via a lan cable .

Attached Devices

Device Name MAC Address IP Address Interface

WNR2000 00:22:3f:8c:0f:d9 Ethernet 2

Unknown 00:09:b0:c9:97:b1 Ethernet 4

BLACKBERRY-FA45 68:ed:43:5a:51:4d Primary Wireless (SSID1)

android-5855356a7367cfd1 1c:66:aa:52:f6:dc Primary Wireless (SSID1)

Skirge-PC 00:21:97:34:bc:8e Ethernet 1

User-PC 7c:e9:d3:69:98:40 Primary Wireless (SSID1)



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Yeh, the wnr has a "wan" ip address that it gets from the superhub, which is the one, which is ok.


but the wnr then gives out its own ip address to things that's connected to it, so that's why the xbox is


if you plug a laptop or netbook direct into the wnr it should get an ip of 192.168.1.XX from that go into browser and put in that should get you the admin for the wnr.


in there you can change the range of the ip of the wnr and also the ip rang it issues out, so put that to to or similar,


hope that makes sense??


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I may scream lol had been logged into it but now its not loading the admin page am off to match now too so will sort it when I get back, but yeah makes sense cheers bud.




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Oh soooooo much gone on lol but yeah its now working, also added my old PC in my daughters room and get a new PC, i5 3330 16gig ddr3 2tb hd.. windows 8 though, takes a little getting used to.

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