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Laptop just won't start at all...


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Hey all,


just wanted to start my HP DV6 (no idea if it's the way the model is called in the UK) as usual and it doesn't do ANYTHING.


No lights, no sounds no cooler... nothing.


Any idea what could be broken?


Also, normally the internet cable does make some lights even when it's off - there's no light at all no either.


Cheers in advance. :thup:

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Shit :(


Thought straight away it would be something more serious.


Only good thing is that I only bought it last year. Should be getting a new one surely or at least repaired for free then... :undecided:

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Works again. :) :)


Removed the battery, removed the power supply and pressed the restart button for 10 seconds.


Then got it both back in and it's working now again. Will be watching it very closely for the next few weeks considering the purchase date, though.



Great thanks to you, Semtex! :)

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