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Family Guy

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Chemical castration for anybody who thinks Family Guy is 'a cut above the Simpsons' IMO.


:lol: There's an entire generation of people out there that have no recollection of a funny Simpsons.

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Classic episodes of the Simpsons are fanstaic, some of the best writing ever.


Seasons 1-10 are some of the best TV ever made, it starts going down hill a little bit after that.  Didn't the main writers of the Simpsons leave to work on Futurama, another fantastic show but nowhere near enough love.


Family Guy, funny bits in it but generally the stories just seem to be a device to drp random bits a of laughs in.


American Dad is far suppior to Family Guy, some fucking fantastic dialogue in that show, tho the last series was a bit of a let down.


Early Simpsons

Futurama - American Dad



















































Family Guy smut humor.

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Guest Howaythetoon

How about...


The Simpsons, South Park and Family Guy are all great?


The Simpsons is ageing massively though.

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