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Justice (& The Law)

Mr Logic

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I just watched this doc.



Found myself agreeing with most of the salient points.


I always found the idea of fining the poor counter-productive at best. And examples of one law for them and a different law for the rest of us are all around us.


My own particular example came nealry 20 years ago now when I was at an unfair dismissal tribunal. When I went to a legal outfit that offered help in such cases I was turned down for assistance because, and get this, I was too articulate. I could cope with the system myself it was felt. It was aspects of law I was floundering with, that and never having been in such a setting before. I ddin't know what to expect at all.


Misunderstanding the first set of paperwork I read, that seemed to say I did not need to be present as it was just the preliminary hearing, paperwork etc.. I just sent in a statement. Turns out the Justice of the Peace threw my claim out because I hadn't bothered to turn up. Memory is a bit hazy now so that may not be strictly accurate.


But I will try to get to the point. I appealed and at the next hearing I had prepared documents from all areas i could think of including a letter from the contractor saying it was him who was out of pocket as he hadn't received any compensation  from my employer. ( I had a van load of goods stolen in London, which my employer had insurance for but hadn't paid the contractor. Yet dismissed me on gross negligence and claimed he was out of pocket due to claim from contractor.)


When I tried to produce this information the JoP dismised it and said, and here I quote because i can still remember it clearly. "In the interst of justice I have to ignore this information, as it should have been presented at the first hearing where you were given ample opportunity to do so."


I left the hearing with those words echoing in my ears. " In the interests of justice..justice..justice." That ws NOT in the interests of justice, that was in the interests of protocol.


Assuming any of you are still reading, wondered if any of you have any direct experience of (in)justice and care to share? Love a good injustice story. :)

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