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gfx card is overheating


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Few months ago i bought a mini pc system(cube) on ebay for 30 quid (broken)  cos it had some decent components in it......I knew the motherboard was broke.


So i have gradually canabalised parts from it.


Put the gfx card into my 2nd pc sstem, cos atmo psu is bust on main pc.


It works well, but seems to overheat, and atmo witht he warm weather this is a problem.....got away with it for a while!


anyone every replaced a fan on a gfx card?  or maybe i should underclock the memory?


any ideas?

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Is hot, they run a lot hotter in this heat.


It could be your psu, I had one card over heating for a few weeks then the psu went pop. New psu and it was fine.


Is the fan spinning? Does the case have good airflow? Might be best to leave the side off in this weather.


Which card is it? Under clocking it won't help much, under volting it however might, but only do this if you know what you are doing.


Also, fan might just need a clean, if you do take the fan off you'll need thermal paste.

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I thinki may have solved it.....with a tooth brush!


I ripped the plastic cover off the heatsink, and gave it a good clean.  Was 2nd hand card and the heatsink was full of gunk.  SO yes the air wasnt flowing properly, also cleaned the fan.


It seems alot happier now!


I tried moving a BIG heasink from an old agp card, but its was toomuch hassle to get it attached properly.  Anyway for the mo its seems to be working...

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Guest elbee909

I replaced the cooler on an old GTX 285 recently, went from the stock one to a quieter, generally better one (more fans).  Was a little fiddly but straightforward. 

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