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Not sure why they bother with such horrific criminals if they’re only going to spend about 10% of the show on investigating them. It’s a decent watch though.


I think its to highlight his moral obligation to his job. Like he said in the flashback scene with Alice, had he been there and not away with her some of those people in the news report might have been alive. He's attached to his job and this season he's struggling to find the balance between his personal shit and his work which has awful consequences such as what happened to Benny in episode 3 there.

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I’d say it was good but not brilliant. A couple of decent characters, great performance by Elba, but everything is very surface level. The criminals are token and it repeats the situation of Luther being in a personal pickle a bit too much.


It’s decent but not fantastic.

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There have been rumours of a film for ages but Elba said in December something about them aiming for 7 series in total, then he seems to have changed his tune a bit with his latest comments.


I loved the latest series, thought it was a real return to form after series 4 which wasn't very good at all (and barely a series, at 2 episodes long). Love Luther when it's dark and dramatic and daft, and that's what this series was.


Not sure why people are comparing it to Line Of Duty mind, they might seem like they're the same genre on the face of it but they're chalk and cheese in terms of tone and plausibility. I prefer Luther tbh.

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