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Tesco Clubcard Preorder deal/balls-up - currently enough points to fly to Europe


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Hi all,


Just a quick note in case anyone can get in quickly, and obviously no guarantee Tesco will honour this.


Tesco are currently offering 500 clubcard points per game pre-order over £35.


They are also offerring 1000 points for preorders of console versions of Diablo 3, plus the additional 500 points.


However, due to some balls up the 500 points are currently being put on twice.


So for normal games, that is 1000 points, and for Diablo that is 2000 points.


Tesco also have a price promise so even if they don't honour their mistake it is still a good choice.


Cashback websites will also track.


Each pre-order needs to be a separate transaction for clubcard points to be maximised.


Also they will take the whole price up front.


So for 3 preorders including Diablo, that is enough points £40 vouchers, or for a return flight to several european locations

For 4 preorders including Diablo, that is enough for a 12 month Merlin theme park ticket (usually cost £163).

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