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hdmi computer connections


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I been oeeferd one these for 40 quid:




its got an hdmi connector and is :  Pixel Resolution : 1920 x 1080


is that actually high definition or is it just pretending?


occurred to be that i could connect it to a pc, but ive not seen a gfx card that have hdmi connectors.


most of the gfx cards i have are 4+ years old.  Is it possible to get a more modern card with hdmi output, so i can connect to this `monitor` or is hdmi used for blu ray only?




has an old vga connector too.


am i barkingup the wrong tree here? as opposed to just deluded in general    :cheesy:



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Guest bimpy474

Most modern Graphic card have a hdmi port, you can connect that way. You will probably have to adjust the sound settings on the computer but it's pretty straight forward.


Hdmi from the card to the TV's hdmi socket, not much easier than that really.

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Guest bimpy474

C,punters run on normal TVs tend to look awful


only tried on crt tvs, not tried on an lcd.  I assume you mean you have tried?


ANy clue what is the missing factor?  perhaps you tried on a non HD resolution tv?


TT has a point, the newer TV's tend be a better though. But a computer screen is made to react to a computer if you know what i mean, so it's always better to use one for it.


I think it'll come down to your own point of view if you like it or not. No harm in finding out.

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