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Crazy Crazy connection problem


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Right then lads figure this one out because its got me head batterd.

I keep getting disconected from mirc, and once I lose connection from the chat server I cannot get back in. What I have to do to fix it is swap the way I connect my modem. I am on telewest and have the Motorola Surfboard SB5100 modem, you can connect it LAN cable to network card, or use USB.

If I power down the mdoen by pulling the power lead out, then shutdown pc, unplug whatever way I am connected, say LAN, then pulg in the USB lead to the moden, power moden back up wait till the lights come on then boot PC back up, I can then get back onto the irc server no pronlems.

Next time I cant get on, I just have to do the above again and swap from USB back to LAN..

Its fkn crazy.

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