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Climbing for charidy

The Blackbelts

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Alright! This coming October, 5th to be precise, I am climbing Ben Nevis as part of a fundraiser for carers trust. If anyone has a quid or two they have nothing to do with and fancy donating, please visit www.justgiving.com/andrew-simpson23 All donations are greatly appreciated and go towards a great cause.




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Guest Open_C

Well, charity is a wonderful thing.. but climbing Ben Nevis in October with no previous experience is verging on fucking idiotic imho.  If you haven't been in the mountains when the weather turns, you genuinely have no idea whatsoever of what constitutes "bad".  Just make sure you're waterproof and windproof, they're the single biggest things, and remember that even in normal circumstances the summit is around 10 degrees colder than it is in Fort William.. add wind and rain/sleet/snow into that and it starts to feel very cold indeed (and it's cold that you'll only notice when you stop climbing and start heading down, when the sweat starts freezing).  Obviously most people don't get into trouble and the worst that happens is they have a very unpleasant seven or eight hour walk, but when people do get into trouble, it can be really serious.  Apparently it's the most dangerous mountain in Europe in terms of fatalities, don't you know.  Just saying :lol:


Ben Nevis in October last year:



Good luck, and have a nice time :shifty:  Apologies for parade-pissing but I see some proper fuckwits up there and tbh most of them are charity walkers :anguish:  I'm sure you'll be taking somebody who knows how to use a map and compass, and what to do if you get lost :thup:


I genuinely hope, though, that you get a lovely late summer day and it's clear for you the whole way up and down.  It's a lovely walk, even by the tourist route :)

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