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Outlast - Steam/PS4


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Developer: Red Barrels

Platforms: Windows PC, PS4

Release: September 4th 2013 (PC), TBA 2014 (PS4)




In the remote mountains of Colorado, horrors wait inside Mount Massive Asylum. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently re-opened by the “research and charity” branch of the transnational Murkoff Corporation, has been operating in strict secrecy… until now.


Acting on a tip from an inside source, independent journalist Miles Upshur breaks into the facility, and what he discovers walks a terrifying line between science and religion, nature and something else entirely. Once inside, his only hope of escape lies with the terrible truth at the heart of Mount Massive.




    True Survival Horror Experience: You are no fighter - if you want to survive the horrors of the asylum, your only chance is to run... or hide

    Immersive Graphics: AAA-quality graphics give players a detailed, terrifying world to explore

    Hide and Sneak: Stealth-based gameplay, with parkour-inspired platforming elements

    Unpredictable Enemies: Players cannot know when - and from where - one of the asylum’s terrifying inhabitants will finally catch up to them

    Real Horror: Outlast’s setting and characters are inspired by real asylums and cases of criminal insanity






  The team that made this game understood survival horror. Outlast takes the ideas of predecessors and runs them through an incredibly talented set of individuals to produce a slick, brilliant experience. Its claim of “scariest game ever” will likely put it under some fire, particularly from connoisseurs of the genre, and especially with Machine For Pigs turning up at a similar time. But what it can definitely claim to be is a great game. It’s not a simple excuse for gore and violence, nor is it only interested in shocking you with a sudden scream and blood splattered visage. It wants to horrify. It’ll also intrigue, terrify and surprise you in equal measure.


RelyOnHorror.com 10/10


Boody-Disgusting.com 9.5/10


gamrReview 9.5/10


GamingTrend 93/100



Really, any review of a horror game can be summed up in a three word interrogative: “Is it scary?” You better believe it is. Outlast is the scariest game/movie/book I’ve consumed since Amnesia: The Dark Descent. What’s most amazing is that very few of the scares felt cheap, or unearned. Red Barrels have done a fantastic job combining an intensely disquieting setting, a unique visual look, and an incredibly effective camera gimmick to ensure that nobody escapes Mount Massive without a few nightmares.


Edge.com 9/10



And that balance is key to Outlast’s success. While there’s rarely any let up in the tension, it always feels like you’re in the hands of a developer at the top of its game, revelling in making the player uncomfortable, but never forgetting to delight at the same time. Outlast’s combination of stealth, platforming and horror is exceptional, the benefits of the diverse experience of its highly talented development team always in plain sight.


GameFront.com 90/100


Joystiq 4.5/5

    If most games are measured by how many times they can be replayed, true horror games can be measured by how many times its players want to stop playing. Those moments when the stress of running and hiding and worrying about every single little sound become too much, and the paranoia eats away at your sanity until you feel trapped. You want to quit – to escape – but you can't, because you have to get out of the asylum, to see it through to the end. Outlast perfects this self-inflicted madness in every area of its design, and it's absolutely petrifying. I love it.


VentureBeat.com 89/100


  I can’t say that Outlast is a “fun” game. It’s stressful and terrifying in a way that most recent horror games can’t match. The frights found in Outlast are nothing new. I’ve seen them in other horror games and movies many, many times. I’m jaded, I told myself. This stuff shouldn’t affect me — but it did. Other reviewers might tell you to play it in the dark with headphones on to get the full effect. I say play it in a brightly lit room surrounded by pictures of kittens. The heart can only take so much.


GamesRadar 4/5


ThunderboltGames.com 8/10


  Outlast’s horror isn’t for everyone and you’ll get what you put in. Lights off and headphones on is a must. Allow yourself to fall deep in Red Barrels’ asylum and the reward is a frightening descent into the bowels of man’s search for greatness. The sound design is exceptional – even more so when considering this is a lower budget production – and the weight of the world is tight. If you adored Monolith’s Condemned this will be the surprise hit of 2013.


BlisteredThumbs.net 8/10


    I don’t mean to suggest that Outlast is a numbing experience. There’s an impeccable personality to this game, as exuded in its great level design and personable characters. Yes, characters–there are actually a significant amount of worthy baddies here, and many of them are horrifying. The knife wielding twin brothers who call dibs on your internal organs are a highlight, particularly for the reserved, casual, and totally naked manner in which they stalk you, maddening junk just… swaying in the insane wind.




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Isn't it horror 101 not to show the monster, especially not in the trailer? :lol:


Indeed, particularly if it's as rubbish as that one.  Maybe it's just a decoy shit monster and the real game has properly scary stuff :)

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I liked the Mirrors Edge style elements, but the enemy shown in the video was so bland and uninteresting, it surely can't be the real deal. Perhaps it evolves throughout the game? Interested in this one.

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