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AM thinking of getting a raspberry pi, and trying o connect an ldc screen to it for portable use.


eg if am having breakfast in weatherspoons or something and i need to chk my email etc  (have no interest in 3/4g phones)




looks a bit tricky to connect this, anyone know a more plug and play screen i can use.  Prefer something 30-40 quid as max price.


adapting a laptop screen would be best bang for buck, but could be tricky.....probably require soldering something  /eeeek

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If you just want to check your emails on wi-fi, you'd be better off with a cheap Android tablet or a netbook rather than carting in a screen, keyboard, mouse, hooking up a battery (unless you're planning on just stealing some Weatherspoons electricity I guess).


Unless you think you'd enjoy it as a project that is, enough to make it worth the faffing on with terminal commands etc.

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