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The Managerial Merry-go-round

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Malky now favourite at 4's according to Oddschecker.


...and with it having emerged that Malky Mackay's right-hand man, Iain Moody, has been suspended for unknown reasons and replaced by Alisher Apsalyamov, a 23-year-old from Kazakhstan who has no previous experience in football but who just so happens to be mates with Tan's son.




Absolutely mental. :lol:


"In the summer Alisher Apsalyamov was on work experience painting the walls of Cardiff City Stadium, watching their promotion games on his laptop.


"Now he's the acting head of recruitment at the age of 23, responsible for the January transfer window that could determine whether Cardiff stay in the Premier League."

trade the kid for Kinnear

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Mackay is the next for me, discontent with the crazy asian owners, his assistant sacked etc. Hughton would be pretty close if results dont improve, think Hughes may also be under a bit of pressure, the honeymoon period is over for him and all they seem to do is draw all the time.

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Holloway will get sacked, they'll appoint someone on the same level or worse and still go down. Pointless.


Inevitable. Seems all promoted teams think this is the answer and it never is. Enjoy the exposure and the extra cash, go back down and fight for promotion again. Especially palace who got lucky in the play offs.


Disagree, I think palace will stick by Holloway.  They never got lucky in the play-offs, deservedly won them.


Bet you a fiver to SBR foundation holloway isn't palace manger by the end of the season. Don't have to take it, no pressure. :)


Dig deep neesy pet.  :razz:

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