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Still Game


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I don't think I've ever seen a thread on this or seen anyone talk about it before.


It's possibly one of the funniest tv shows I've ever seen.


It's basically about two old Glaswegian pensioners who've been best friends for 50 odd years and they live next door together. But all the characters are played by people in their 30s/40s


It was only ever shown on BBC Scotland which may be why it's not so well known, if it was on the full BBC it would have been huge. Much better than Little Britian and stuff that was on at the same time.


Give it a try  O0




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Been a fan ever since they started and it's up there with Mrs Brown's Boys, I'm Alan Partrige, Hebburn and Phoenix Nights as my favorite comedy series. Got them all too, inc the Xmas Specials and also a 'live' show at the theatre, when they we first starting out.


Such a shame Ford and Gregg apparently had a falling out after series 6 - though I think they have patched things up a bit. Would love to see some new stuff. And got my old man watching it too - he's a huge fan, like me. :thup: Also got the lads that I look after at work, enjoying it too. :)


'mon Jack and Victor! :coolsmiley:



Also - probably my favorite character from the show;


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Best show ever. Over the moon there's other people that have seen it like. Every time I meet a Scot the first thing I usually say is "Did you youst to watch still game?". Got the box set with the Hogmanay specials and a couple of other specials - absolutely superb comedy in my opinion.

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you've all got me hooked on this noo!  been watching old episodes on youtube...  cheers!  O0




What series you on? After the 1st season it just gets better and better :lol:


Series 2 and 3 are amazing imo

just started so, season 1 episode 7...  i have to watch them more than once b/c i'm so terrible with understanding the accent.  :blush:

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Season 1 - 6 Episodes

Season 2 - 9 Episodes

Season 3 - 6 Episodes

Season 4 - 6 Episodes

Season 5 - 6 Episodes

Season 6 - 7 Episodes

Specials - 4 (I think, a Christmas episode following the last 3 seasons then a New Year's special at the end)

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