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NBA 2K14


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Guest ObiChrisKenobi

* The president of Visual Concepts up on stage calling #NBA2K14 next-gen truly "special." Says the hardware allows for a unique experience.


* "This is not a port." Built from ground up for the hardware. Brand new engine is called "Eco Motion.l


* The detail of MyPlayer customization gives you a unique look this year. The selected MyPlayer looks awfully familiar... Hmmmm


* Jeff Thomas just played "pure basketball porn." Now discussing 4 main pillars NBA Today, MyPlayer, MyTeam, MyGM


* Daily zap allows for stats, highlights from a real video. All your NBA news connected on your console updated DAILY.


* This is all driven by Dynamic Living Roster - which is adjust daily based on how players are performing in the real world.


* NBA Today delivers new content daily and has sleekest design ever. Driven by Dynamic Living Rosters and Stats Inc.


* The introduction and presentation is brand new. Level of detail is unrivaled and truly shows off the power of the next-gen systems.


* 5 on 5 NBA Today matchup Warriors at Heat getting viewed by press


* Stunning graphics showcased on default camera, new EcoMotion showcases brand new movements and animations.


* Someone just leaned in to me and said it looks like watching a real game at a bar. Ironic since we are at a bar


* Some loud applauds for the 5v5 video. Truly another level on #NextGen #NBA2K14. Team now about to speak to the graphics.


* Level of detail showcased in clip with arena angles, behind backboards, cameramen, cords. mics etc. Level of detail is stunning.


* Art director Anton Dawson on now talking about the thousands of little things. Had to change materials in game: vinyl, wood, cotton.


* Little imperfections of dirt on the backboard tells you all you need to know about the attention to detail. They built a material library.


* The material library looks "consistent" across the game based on items. Built from ground up for next-gen.


* "Once we started doing this for one item, we had to do it all. Things react collectively together so the whole world could live together"


* Details shown at scorers table. A thumbprint on a monitor is shown. Level of detail that went into next-gen


* Now showing off the new LED dynamic lighting system. Just stunning. Scoreboard lights are dynamic and showcase reflections


* They actually measure the color temperature of lights and count the number of lights and manufacturer of lights. Getting the lighting right


* "LEDs in score clock and jumbotron act like how LED is supposed to. Measured in Kelvin and reflected against other surfaces."


* "Reproduce amount of lights in every arena"


* Now showcasing Kobe Bryant getting head scanned. Kobe hung around while they built his model and his reaction was "GTFO here"


* Anton now walking through Kobe's headscan story which I was also at. He wanted to buy tech, was so angry he had never seen anything like it


* Now showcasing LeBron getting head scanned. Showcasing the different faces players make. Screams, smiles, smug looks, focused faces etc...


* Now showing LeBrons championship celebration emotion headscan. Hilarious


* "With head scans, we weren't just trying to capture stills. wanted to get movement to capture emotion & unique face tissue of each player"


* The team captured and head scanned constantly working around NBA schedules to capture nearly every player in the NBA.


* Hundreds of players with thousands of expressions you will see in the game. Showcasing art of those now. This is photo realism.


* "The path of going to every team on the road and the trials of eating fast food in remote locations was the most memorable journey."


* Now Mike Wang getting brought out to discuss gameplay.


* Lead gameplay designer Mike Wang talking about gameplay. Speaking to Eco Motion. Says he's happy to announce the new game engine.


* Speaks about elevating the game harnessing the tech. Primarily in physics and animations. Foot planting clips shown.


* Mike talking about emphasis on foot planting in next gen and how next gen helps us improve it beyond any sports game experience in history


* This "feels completely different" than any other 2K game has felt before. Physics of movement completely lifelike.


* Now speaking to ball handling. Eco Motion allows them to track true physics. Ball spinning when dribbling, ball in hands. Tangible object.


* Dribbling: next gen ball sits in his hand, ball continuously spins like it's supposed to.


* Dribbling: next gen ball sits in his hand, ball continuously spins like it's supposed to.


* Animations: motion capture used to be 1 to 1 on game. Now animation synthesis creates a framework and animation changes...


* Mike speaks about animation synthesis, Eco Motion - based on physics and situation, animations will change.


* The game feels alive. For example, a shooter won't land the same way two times. Animation will adapt to the situation. Truly incredible


* Two shots are radically different for different situations in terms of landing on shots. No two shots will be same


* Coach will adapt to what is happening in the game. So game plans will dynamically change based on what other teams are doing.


* Rob Jones now going over new Points of Emphasis system. Adaptable AI on fly in game. Coaches relay adjustments on timeouts


* Showcasing how A.I adapts to your play. A "Human dynamic change" that coaches will implement. Only on next gen is this possible


* Coaching personas are truly human on next gen


* Points of Emphasis is a game-changer for AI.


* Now speaking to how Emotion Plus allows emotions to translate into performance. How this will affect players.


* Emotion Plus will categorize all the players personalities. Kobe is an Alpha Dog. He wants the ball, he's fierce...


* Rob on new Emotion+: "human emotions translate into performance. Every player has personality, highs are highs, lows are lows"


* That emotion he has allows him to harness that high level of play and it is showcased in the game. Players will show emotion - high and low


* Erick Boenisch now discussing features starting with MyGM.


* Your MyPlayer becomes GM. Has unique attributes on how you react with owners, players and the world around you.


* "MyGM is a cerebral experience. Every decision changes the world around you. GM has attributes and special abilities."


* In MyGM includes conversations. You have to asses the emotional intelligence of the person you're talking too.


* "Conversation engine that remembers everything you do and may throw it back in your face at a later date."


* You will get fired from the owner of you don't maintain harmony in org., locker room and fan base. Revolutionizes what franchise mode is.


* This is the complete evolution of association mode. Decisions and reactions is what this mode is all about.


* "We have built a completely new experience for franchise players. All your day to day experiences have no right or wrong answers."


* Jeff back to talk about completely rebuilt MyCareer. Plays intro, gets standing ovation from press.


* One last thing, a completely new take on our most played mode. MyCAREER mode. Cinematic opening is showcased


* "This is my story and I ain't gonna let nobody write but me." More cinematicas shown. A completely NEW experience for MyCAREER


* MyCareer has everyone in here buzzing


* Complete cut scenes in MyCAREER. Team captured hundreds and hundreds of scenes. A rival, agent, buddies and a compete cast of characters.


* This mode "will leave you asking, "what will happen next?" Building relationships, making deals, making choosing.


* Over 40 hours of gameplay in your first year alone. More scenes showcased right now.


* Jeff: "captured 1000s of cut scenes w actors & whole life of player. Every experience of being NBA player. All you want to see is next path"


* It's true, I'm in there. “@BMaziqueFPBR: #NBA2K14 spot on recreation of @LD2K featured in My Career trailer. Im never leaving the house”


* Who is Jackson Ellis? You are about to become real familiar with him


* Cut scenes of MyPlayer and rival jawing at each other before rookie showcase. The rival and MyPlayer do NOT like each other to say the least


* Jeff: "40 hours of gameplay in Season One of MyCareer" Next gen has unlocked the marriage of beauty and game balance


* Wait one more thing coming... When you're not balling in MyCAREER, you can hang out with hundreds of MyPlayers in the Park.


* Open field of courts shown with hundreds of MyPlayers playing. Quite a tease... Hmmmm... Conclusion of the presentation.


* Jeff: "When MyPlayer isn't balling, he likes to hang with 100 of his friends at The Park."


* Now we are all doing interviews & press playing game. Lots of press to come out of this so stay tuned



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I would be class if they got involved in the football stakes.... the amount of brown trousers going on over at EA and Konami would be great for all concerned.


Anyway will probably get this when i get a PS4 when ever that is... going to need a sports game i reckon.

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They really need to challenge for the NFL rights again, especially because the have previous with the game. As for football, I just can't see them getting into it. FIFA has such an established fan-base, and it would take a lot for them to be able to reproduce the level of polish and attention to detail that they are synonymous with across so many languages and different leagues etc. Maybe they would just start small and have MLS 2K15 or something like that. It would be great it they were to try and muscle in on it, but I just don't think it'll happen.

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Don't think they'll get involved with football, shame. Maybe they'd compete with PES and create a game that's very customizable focusing on game play and a hardcore following. Although don't think it would be successful ($ wise)


Their NBA team is just light years ahead at what they do when you compare to all sports games.

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The thing about NBA, and the NFL, is that there are a very small number of teams. With only 30ish teams to work with, they can spend the time and effort in getting all the visuals right for players, coaches, stadia, etc. If they were to take on world football, it would just be too big a task to expect the same level of detail. That and as you said, there's no money in it.


Really looking forward to NBA 2K14 though, got it per-ordered with my PS4. Might start actually following the sport. :lol:

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The thing about NBA, and the NFL, is that there are a very small number of teams. With only 30ish teams to work with, they can spend the time and effort in getting all the visuals right for players, coaches, stadia, etc. If they were to take on world football, it would just be too big a task to expect the same level of detail. That and as you said, there's no money in it.


For all I care they could just go for a "Premier League 2K14" game. I don't really play any of the other teams on FIFA anyway.


Would be totally worth it to see perfect recreations of all the stadia and players.

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Wish they'd a new NHL game, the EA version is absolutely shocking when it comes to player faces, they haven' even bothered to implement basic gameface.


There's about 6 generic faces spread across all the players :lol:

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