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DayZ Standalone


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Official Site: http://dayzgame.com

Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/

Steam overlay map/notes: http://www.dayzoverlay.com/standalone/

(you can change your steam browser homepage to this for example, go to settings, in-game, etc)




The DayZ mod launched in 2012 as a mod for Bohemia Interactive's 2009 game, ARMA II. The mod gained popularity extremely quickly and caused sales of ARMA II to skyrocket.

The premise of the game is survival, placing players in the middle of a 200+ square kilometer stretch of Russian countryside. They are tasked with acquiring food, weapons, vehicles and other supplies, while fighting off other players and zombies.


Work on the Standalone version of the game began in January of 2013. The aim was to remake the game from the ground up, fixing many of the issues from the mod.

The largest change will be the switch to Client/Server architecture which increases performance, allows for better Zombie AI, fixes loot spawns, and significantly reduces hacking.

The Standalone also features a revamped Chernarus map, new weapon/player/zombie/item animations and models, new sounds, brand new buildings to enter, and much more.


The Standalone will have a similar business model to Minecraft or ARMA III, with the cost of the game increasing as it moves from Alpha, to Beta, to Release.

Rocket has said that the Alpha will not transition to a Beta release, and thus a higher price point, for a long time, and the change will be announced well beforehand.


If you do not want to test a buggy, bare bones, alpha release, then wait for the issues to be fixed and content to be iterated upon. The lower price point will still be available down the road.


DayZ Early Access Launch Trailer:


System Requirements:

The Standalone is running off of a heavily modified version of RVIII. The engine has been optimized for online play, the majority of the load has been shifted over to server-side.

If you can run ARMA II, then you should be able to run the Standalone.


Steam: £19.99





Newbie Guide:



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The mod was great fun and unlike any other game I've played. We all disliked the mega-bugs, inventory, crappy animations and hackers though, so this version plans to solve all of those things as best it can.


With the standalone, I've heard everything is set to render on the serverside. Items, Zeds, and things of that sort. All you have to render is objects, and textures. Less strain on the processor, so we'd see some consistency as I'm sure some servers you'd join you'd get high fps, whereas other would suffer with lower fps. There won't be centralized big loot areas, you'll receive damage to inventory when shot and ammo/weapons will be more scarce I hear. It's all set to be pretty great in that respect.


My main concern is with the looking after your health part. Getting diseases, needing special rare medicine, catching colds, all that stuff turns me off and annoys me but we'll see how it turns out. It's going to be pretty hardcore!

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from 3 days ago:


Creator of the very popular ArmA 2 DayZ mod has revealed that "all major components required for an alpha release" has been finished for the long-awaited DayZ Standalone release, however no release date has yet been determined. Speaking on Reddit (

), Dean "Rocket" Hall stated that while work for an alpha release may be complete, the hype train may want to slow down.


Hall revealed that while an alpha release is functional in theory, there is still a lot of testing that needs to be conducted to ensure "it provides the level of multiplayer performance and stability needed for us to have meaningful feedback from the experience."


"I want to simultaneously derail the hype train and then recover it, in saying that we have finished making the network bubble. In fact, we have finished all major components required for an alpha release. However, we need to make sure they have integrated okay, and perform basic testing (a kind of acceptance testing) to ensure that we have actually achieved what we thought."


Of course some eager fans have speculated that a release date may be known, though Rocket was quick to strike that flare of hope by confirming that no one at Bohemia Interactive knows of a release date, "because there is not one."

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Best thing they could do is a stealth release. Just fire it up on a random day, say nothing. We've seen with every major online release that day one issues are crippling. This would be no different, the hive server would die in minutes if it was a pre-announced launch time. Either sneak it out, or stagger access for blocks of 1000 users or whatever.

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oh, and an update from 1 hour ago from Rocket. Agreed coco, think they've had so many buggy experiences that they'll surely expect day 1 chaos. The alpha will help a lot



We finished up for the day here just now. It was a good day, the focus has been:


Finalizing the flow into game


Not holding up release


All the basic stuff like, creating your character, joining a server, etc... Then some steam integration so you know which servers your friends are on, and such. We're using steams API, which while is it great being free of gamespy we're not sure whether external apps (like six or dayzcommander) are able to poll steam's servers. So we want to make sure our browser provides some improved functionality.


Optimizing/Bugfixing Dedicated server.

This is why we are not out. We need performance


We think we need a minimum of 15 FPS will 50 players, 2000 zombies, and 25000 loot items. Our latest tests have all shown some runaway systems in the code we have to tidy up. The variable synchronization system that was developed for work with the network bubble, is checking the variables very often. We're optimizing this. Also, there are many string comparisons. These have been refactored so references are used (lookup numbers) to speed up the process. things like animations etc... are generally recorded as strings - ArmA wasn't build to handle very large numbers of things so this has been a large area of optimization.


We also have a bug where sounds (which are temporary vehicles) are being queued up and sent to all JIP players. This causes us a steady loss of performance on the server.


The synchronized variables are also checked for each player, this is inefficient and we are refactoring that. It is our biggest obstacle to releasing the alpha right now. We know what needs to be done with it so we're working on that, then we will again reassess the performance.


Why not just say its not out on xxx day?


If I start saying "oh it won't be out then" people start asking me about the day after, and the day after. So it just encourages people to keep asking me when it is, and the "announced date" would be when I go "yeah, it could be out then".


What we have now


We have now something that provides basic functionality for 10-20 players. The new zombies are in, they provide excellent pathfinding outdoors, and improved pathing indoors. They are capable of breadcrumb navigation or line of sight. At low server FPS they will start to rubberband and glitch through walls much more often. They are very much a work in progress.


Client performance out of the cities is very, very smooth. We still have a bug in the cities that occurs (and shouldn't) that causes lower framerates. This will eventually be solved, but for now it is noticable when looking at center of cities. Overall, the feedback from the testers is that performance is much smoother than with the mod.


The inventory is a bit of a mixed bag. There are some mistakes we have made that, unless we delayed the standalone, we can't fix until later. But overall, I think it is a huge step up. Stacked items, wetness, damage, crafting, containers, clothing, weapons, pistol holsters, bags, melee weapons, chainsaws, masks, gloves, boots... you name it.


So, what next?


We keep optimizing the build. In the meantime, I would encourage everyone to checkout Project Zomboid which is now available on steam. This has been a massive design inspiration and I recommend it to everyone interested in DayZ.

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Alpha seems to be on the verge of release  :D Obviously it's going to start out rough but should be far better than the mod release.


copy & paste time!


Dean and Hicks worked through the weekend and all night Saturday night, the CEO posted a screenshot of a build with 'Early Access Alpha' on the main menu, the build number has remained 13666 all weekend, and they're now online testing the game again.










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I recall you having a nightmare firstly with the usa amazon deal and then updating/configuring the game :lol: it wasn't for the feint of heart!


This one, once it hits beta, should be far smoother and should hopefully have a minimal problem with hackers, as they've rewritten a ton of the game.


The mod honestly provided me with some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've ever had, so I'm super excited to try this out. I may wait until it hits beta first though. Thankfully this one is going to be fully integrated with Steam so updating won't be an issue anymore!

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I recall you having a nightmare firstly with the usa amazon deal and then updating/configuring the game :lol: it wasn't for the feint of heart!


This one, once it hits beta, should be far smoother and should hopefully have a minimal problem with hackers, as they've rewritten a ton of the game.


The mod honestly provided me with some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I've ever had, so I'm super excited to try this out. I may wait until it hits beta first though. Thankfully this one is going to be fully integrated with Steam so updating won't be an issue anymore!


Yeah it was a fucking mare all round. If it comes available for ps4 I'd probably consider it, certainly won't be buying it for the PC again, even if it's much improved.

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Also, a key point on the Steam page:


"We estimate that reaching Beta version with all key features present will take more than one year from current stage. All features and plans listed here are subject to change, we may add or remove features as seen fit during development process."


Sounds bad when you put it that way but remember that people enjoyed a pretty broken mod for a lot longer. A decent alpha is more than we've ever had in the past!


There's already 12,000 people playing it, jesus


I shall be the NO guinea pig...downloading now


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A year man, whole thing is completely amateur. Fair play you've got enthusiasm for it, and I can understand why, under all the delays, shit servers, dodgy graphics, shite inventory system, gameplay flaws and limited content there is a brilliant idea just very poorly executed.


This was supposed to be the professional lick of paint, sounds more or less the same.

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OK, just played it for 15 minutes! Apologies for the large screenshots, plus I didn't change much so settings are on normal and AA isn't high.


I'm actually really impressed with how smooth everything was. They've yet to optimise performance at all so far but it ran pretty great for me, although as stated in the op, if you ran dayz fine, you'll actually run the SA even better they reckon. I only saw 2 zombies, as I think they've turned them right down to help initial performance testing, so I can't comment on them really.


In my very short playtime, I firstly spawned at the coast at night and ran around for a couple of mins and saw a guy on the road. Went up to him, we did a little dance as we both hadn't figured out how to use comms yet, then he swang what looked like a bat at my head and I fell unconscious :lol:


So I then respawned elsewhere and ran across a huge field, still at night and saw a torch shining in the distance.




Saw a guy and he said "crouch if you can hear me", so I did and he said "stick with me and we'll survive!". He then told me I had a nice booty, on my random female character the game gave me :lol:




We explored for a bit, running through swampy marshlands, him sometimes talking and telling me where we should go.








Here I am at Balota Airfield and you can see someone's torch shining as they explore the flats right across the map!




For those who've played the mod, you'll notice a ton of nice changes to the environment, especially the buildings - you can enter every one of them!


So I've yet to see the game in the daytime but if the nightime is anything to go by, it should be great. Also, I found the night to be just the right level of darkness too.

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I won't be about tomorrow unfortunately, but you could try hunting for a foreign server to view the daytime. The fun thing about trying this alpha out asap, is that everyone is in the same boat as you. They'll mainly just want to explore and experiment rather than find a weapon and kill everything that moves :)

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