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Typhoon Haiyan

Super Duper Branko Strupar

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Probably worthy of it's own thread, given the sheer size of it and the horrible toll it has left in its wake. Now headed towards Vietnam. One of the strongest storms ever recorded, striking the Philippines with gusts of up to 200mph.


Choose your own news report to read, they'll all paint as equally a gloomy a picture. Over 1200 reported dead already. Some places say this could end up being ten fold. 80% of buildings destroyed in some places, hundreds of thousands displaced.


One example of the atrocity, a young woman who survived, 8 months pregnant, having lost 11 members of her family.









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One of my missus' mates is in Hanoi, barricaded in their hostel.


I'm in Hanoi too. There was some extra rain and wind but it more or less missed us completely. It seemed to clear up some of the pollution which is great :)


Edit: just seeing the revised death count, glad it's not as bas as previously thought. Still horrendous though.


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