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Newcastle-Online at St James' 2014


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Just spoke to the club and the first Saturday (10th) only has space for 1 team to play. The second Saturday has space for two teams at 9pm but that will be the last game of the event and the pitch will be cut up badly. What are peoples thoughts about Friday 9th at 7pm or 9pm? It would mean playing under the floodlights which costs a few quid more.




Just seen that the club have announced details of this years play at St James' event




After the great success of last years event I was wondering what peoples thoughts are for this year? If we are doing it then the sooner we get things sorted the better so we can have 2 teams on a weekend session.


I'll probably regret saying this but I'm happy to organise things if nobody else wants to.


The available dates are Monday 5th of May to Saturday 17th of May. If we wanted a weekend session then that would mean either the 10th or 11th but the later is Liverpool away. Therefore what do people think about Saturday 10th of May?


Depending on final numbers the price will likely be around £75-80 each but having played last year it was worth every penny. This year there is a 10% discount for those paying the deposit before 20th February, but I imagine if we leave it much later than this week we will lose the chance of choosing our game session.


To get you in the mood here is a slideshow from last year



So do you want to play, is Saturday 10th of May good for you and can you pay £20 deposit* in the next few days?


Over to you....




* once we have an idea if this is possible ill work out deposit payment options




UPDATE - Those interested so far


Geordie_b + 4




Ian W







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Haha fuck off man, I'm not letting you have that. I'd give any cunt my money for the privilege to play at the place I've idolised all my life.


I'll watch the games on telly/stream and I won't be buying any merch, but I'm having this.

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