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Which would you rather own and wear?  

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  1. 1. Which would you rather own and wear?

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I'm after a pair of black shoes with a white sole, not Vans, Converse or Nike Skateboard shoes... any ideas?


Onitsuka Tiger always has quite a few with that combo, and aren't something you'll see everyday. Current link to their black men's models is here. Obviously, other places to pick them up than the official store.


And since it's not a Shoe Council post without opening oneself up to potential battering, I'll note that I'm pissed I missed these Serranos:





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2019 is a bad year for trainers

I'm not sure about this new trend for oversized and clumpy trainers.

It goes with oversized sweatshirts, oversized coats and baggy tattered jeans halfway up the legs.

I mean, the young are meant to hate everything we regard as cool aren't they?

So I presume this is a phase that this generation is going through where they want their parents to complain about the way they look.

So they can say 'You just don't get it.'


I was a punk rocker, and my parents despaired for years...

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