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No Man's Sky (PS4/XBOX/PC)


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Guest Open_C

Take it with my blessing, but be aware that being able to fly from planet to open space does not guarantee greatness in a game :)

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That's exactly what I imagined an office of Game developers would look like.

A load of overweight bearded men?


Also this is going to be a massive letdown isn't it :lol:

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I've got a lot of respect for the scale of game they are trying to pull off, but I need to be convinced that:


- Not all the animals look like they live on earth but with a few extra limbs or some fancy colours

- The popup rate is not going to be incredibly distracting with it generating it all on the fly

- As you are unlikely to see many other 'real' players (due to the scale), then the AI is going to be pretty smart to occupy you for any fighting

- The planets are going to be different enough not to be bored after a few hours

- The sentinals (planet guardian type things) aren't going to be f***ing irritating and chasing you all the time

- The centre of the universe that is a target for players isnt some massive let down

- Communication with other lifeforms isnt the same lines of dialogue repeating after a few hours of play

- The weapons arent too basic looking


Not that I'm hard to please :)

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Guest firetotheworks

Having read and heard a few things from PC gamers along the lines of 'That's not really innovative, that's Elite Dangerous' and then having read about Elite Dangerous, it's a very fair point like. [emoji38]


Still though...


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I so want this to be more than a 7/10 game, I just know I'll end up ordering it and it'll be gathering dust after a couple of weeks. If anyone wants to pick it up for about half the price just check back here around October  :lol:

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