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DVD/CD Writer


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First of all merry christmas to everyone  bluebiggrin.gif


I was just wondering if someone could tell me if it's possible for a virus to cause problems burning cd's/dvd's ?


The reason I ask. Yesterday I was trying to burn a few cd's with my dvd writer. It burnt the 1st couple no problem, then it failed on the 3rd.  Not only did it fail it then refused to read anything that I put into it.


The dvd writer is about 8 months old and tbh it has been well used.


Anyway, after trying unsucesfully to get it to work, I decided to disconnect it and reconnect the cd writer that came with the pc, which has hardly been used.


It burnt the first cd then failed on the next one. I tried a 3rd and it failed again, so I uninstalled Nero, reinstalled and tried again.  Yet again it failed.


Now to the original question, is there any chance that some kind of virus could cause this to happen ?


I have no anti virus software installed on my pc, for the simple reason that I dont download a great deal and what I do d/l comes from a very reliable source.  I also browse only the same handful of sites, non of which are dodgy, so I wouldnt expect to pick anything up from them either.


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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The only way to know is to get an antivirus software and scan your computer.


It does really look like it especially when both your DVD/CD RW and CD RW failed in the exact same circumstances.


BTW, what do you download and from which sites?

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I've d/l and installed the latest version of AVG and its picked up nothing mate.


And the only things I ever d/l are dj mixes from a message board that I use, all of which are scanned before being hosted on there webspace and stuff that my mate has actually ripped himself, which are either passed over via msn or d/l direct from his pc using flash fxp.

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You want to have Anti Virus, A Firewall, and Anti-spyware stuff installed even if you are as careful as you say. I assume you use email, you could have got something from that maybe.


AVG's a good start, but get yourself:


Sygate personal firewall


Spybot Search & Destroy

Spyware Blaster


and possibly:


Spyware Guard


(That is unless you've already got similar stuff)


They're all free and probably all you'll ever need.

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Hmm i could easily cause problem as viruses can mess with anything including drivers and programes so yes it could.


Do what the above have said but also chakc that the cables etc are all connected properly and that the drive its self hasnt jsut dies on you.

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Does the drive still read normal discs; DVD-ROMS etc?


A decent way to test whether it's a hardware or software issue is to restart your PC, go into the bios and set "CD-ROM" as your primary boot device, then restart with a disc in the drive. If the hardware is detecting the disc, the machine will ask you if you want to boot from it; which would suggest that it's a software issue. If it fails to detect, it's probably hardware-related, and would be best resolved by buying a new drive.

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My mate in Brum just had this problem, he found it was nero woring its self. If it was nero you were using then uninstall and reinstall it, or go to device manager and remove the DVD burner from the list them reboot, let the pc redetect it..

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