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Child arrested for opening Christmas present early.


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Boy nicked for opening present

Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Police in America arrested a twelve-year-old boy, after his mother reported to them that he'd opened his Christmas present early.


The mother, in Rock Hill, South Carolina, persuaded two police officers to arrest the child and charge him with petty larceny, after the boy's great-grandmother found that he'd opened his Game Boy Advance early – despite specific warnings not to.


The 63-year old great-grandmother said: 'He took it without permission. He wanted it. He just took it.'


The mother hoped that the arrest would scare her son into behaving well. She is now reportedly unhappy, because her son is relishing the attention the arrest has brought him.


Police spokesman Lt. Jerry Waldrop said that the boy was at no point held in jail. He was unable to say if the police have ever previously arrested a kid for opening presents early.


'Yeah, it's strange,' he added.





Is this possibly the most pointless arrest ever?  And one hell of a waste of police time.  I can't believe the police actually arrested him either.



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Guest Pugwash

Great grandmother 63 years old, and he is 12 - they must start early in Carolina. Perhaps a banjo would have been a more appropriate present.

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Guest optimistic nit

A Game Boy Advance?


The cheek of the parents. They're old school now, DSs are where it's at.



he probably just opened it so that he could exchange it before christmas. blueyes.gif

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