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N-O Forum Awards 2014: The Results


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In all seriousness, many thanks to those who voted for me. It means a lot to know that my incessant ramblings aren't completely ignored. And always remember, in the year 2014, I was funnier than every single one of you fuckers. Unfunny cunts, every last one of you.


And thanks for your vote Branko xxx

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Thanks for organising Kaiz. Smooth as.


Congrats to all winners, especially Wullie for his outstanding long term achievement gong- bringing his sensible footballing sass to this forum (and it's predecessors) for over a decade now.


I feel robbed of Most Deteriorated poster but even though I didn't win it, I totally did (Wasn't even shortlisted for awards I've previously won).


Thanks to everyone who makes this forum brilliant. There are a fuckload of you. Some who haven't featured at all in this wonderful circle-jerk. Love this place, it's the best thing about football now somehow.

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Wait, what? I thought I had Most Boring in the bag. I had my 73-page acceptance speech written out and everything. FFS. I'll have to adapt it for next year. My campaign starts tomorrow.


Smashing attention to detail, Kaizero, and laudable transparency. Lots of interesting numbers crunched, eliciting reactions from people. I believe that these things are interesting, I really do.




Nah, good work, man, that must have taken ages. As all worthwhile projects do, obviously. I think I'll start my campaign a couple of minutes ago, actually. Off to bed with me, ho-ho! Man, this is going to be a long year.

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