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"What are you eating?" aka Loki's carnival of filth


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1 hour ago, loki679 said:


Thomas will certainly appreciate your thorough feedback considering his previous opinions on the number of pictures you post :lol:

I have him on ignore. must have been posting another louvre's worth of pics again if he thought it was aimed at him :lol:

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4 minutes ago, relámpago blanco said:

I ran out of eggs so had to make do with this.  Chicken cooked on the rotisserie over applewood and charcoal.  Its a simple marinade of Salt, pepper, thyme, garlic powder and lemon juice.








Feed me, feed me now! Superb!

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10 hours ago, neesy111 said:

Black rissoto.  Really good.

I’ve had black rice before and it’s lush, but aesthetically it’s just, well, off putting. I’m a person who eats with my eyes basically, if that makes sense.

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3 minutes ago, Shays Given Tim Flowers said:

Bran Flakes. Which for arguably the most boring cereal in the world are surprisingly good.

I'm a bit more rock n roll and go Fruit & Fibre.

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