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What are you eating?

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A mild buttery (pulled) chicken korma curry pizza…



The wife made the chicken korma style curry the other week and batch froze some of it so I experimented today by unfreezing some of it and pulled it apart like pulled pork… I added fresh diced onions and some tomatoes and fresh basil to the mix. Oven baked for 15 minutes, base about a quarter of half an inch thick. Despite the curry sauce, heavy chicken and oily melted mozzarella, holding it upside down it didn’t drip into a sludge and no flop.



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Just now, relámpago blanco said:

Sirloin sousvide with, salt, pepper, garlic and fresh thyme for 4 hours @56c then seared in a cast iron skillet, served with chips and a rocket and parmesan salad.






Nice, chips look unreal!

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