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Pic for those who can't (be arsed to) go on the link






should that be remotely like the actual shirt it's almost as if puma have employed someone who has sat down and thought, which of the two options should we go for lads?


a) another homer simpson car of a football shirt that will be universally hated




b) completely copy one of the most beloved shirts in the clubs history that will sell like absolute hotcakes

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We've had the pleasure of sponsoring your great club for a full season now and everyone at FUN88 would like you all to know how much we've loved it.


The ups and downs, the late winners, the roar from the Gallowgate, Rafa tucking his glasses into his pocket after a win, the unwavering support from the terraces.


It's been a season we'll never, ever forget.


We can't wait to do it all over again next season. In the Premier League. Where Newcastle United belong.





I know they're a betting agency, but for a sponser they're pretty decent.

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Their PR/Marketing department is just very good at pandering.


Fair play if they are. It's needless but amusing most of the time, the sunderland baiting etc. As a gambler I probably don't find quote such offence to it but I'd a rather these than a lot of other sponsors. If only they could be willing to to change their colour scheme for the sake of our shirts..

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Their PR/Marketing department is just very good at pandering.


Must be someone local contracted for them. They’ve been very good in fairness. Even the subtle and not so subtle digs at the SMB’s over the season.


They know their audience.

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Guest firetotheworks

Just further evidence that they're really good at pandering. :lol: I dunno, I'd probably quite like it if I thought it actually meant anything, but I can't stomach the whole corporate banter thing.

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