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Craig Millward (1990 - 2015)


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I'm sorry if I'm not allowed to post this but I know Craig (Craig-NUFC) reads and posts here regularly.

This is his girlfriend. Craig has been missing since midnight 05/05/2015 around Pop World in Newcastle Upon Tyne centre.

He has not been seen since, he has not been home, he has not been in contact and he did not go to work.


We are all very worried. The police are involved and are going through CCTV. All local hospitals have been phoned, there's no sign of him there.


This is what he looks like.



If you search Craig Millward on twitter you can retweet his missing information or you can share it on facebook if you access my timeline: https://www.facebook.com/girlfriendinacoma


if you have any information please contact me. thanks.

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Recognise the name from sigames forums as well as here.  Can't be of any use as I'm not in the area, but my thoughts are with everyone involved.


Aye he has been more active in Games and the Wrestling thread but has been on here for a good few years. This has shaken me a bit, really hope he's found safe and sound. Really awful news.

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I think I might have went to Sixth Form with this lad for a year. Not 100% convinced because my memory is like a sieve. I've seen a lot of people I went to school with sharing this on Facebook so presume it is the same lad, fingers crossed everything is ok.

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Guest Craig-NUFC

This is his girlfriend. I will try and update both threads.


We still have no news. The police are currently checking CCTV. Timeline got mixed up. He was last seen by a friend at midnight near Pop World in Newcastle, not 1:30am as we previously thought.


All very worried now. This is not like Craig at all. Trying to stay positive but it's very difficult as I'm sure you can imagine.


We have set up a facebook page so please like and share if possible. We are now also using the hashtag #findgeordiecraig on social media. Thanks.




If you think you know Craig, he went to Hebburn Comprehensive school in South Tyneside, St Joseph's Sixth Form in Hebburn and University of Sunderland.

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