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Guess the religion


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Well who do you reckon the religious nuts are in this instance?


Wild guesses only please, no cheating Mr Purdi!!




[religious holiday] flights prompt threats of ***** boycott



· Airline broke flying ban after national strike

· Row highlights strength of ****** lobby



*****, the ****** airline, is locked in a dispute with the country's powerful ******* community, which has threatened a boycott over flights on the [religious holiday].


The row broke out after a labour dispute prompted stoppages across the country last week. As the dispute wound down, ****** flew a number of planes on the [religious holiday] to transport passengers who had been stranded. Several senior ****** immediately complained and threatened a potentially costly ******** boycott.


Private negotiations between the national carrier, which was privatised less than two years ago, and some senior ****** are thought likely to lead to a compromise. But the incident reflects the growing influence of *******'s small but powerful religious community.


Normally ****** avoids flying from ***** to ***** to respect the [religious holiday], aware that about a fifth of the airline's customers are religious and ******. The airline also provides special benefits for such customers, including seats away from movie screens, ****** ****** and flights that land well before the [religious holiday] begins.


However, the airline said that the strike had forced it to make a change to its schedule.


"******does not fly in principle on [religious holiday] but there have been instances that it is forced to move passengers and has done so," the airline said.


****** is the only airline not to operate on the [religious holiday].


The airline's chief executive, ***** *****, had held private meetings with ***** ****** ******, secretary of the ****** Council for the [bigging-up] of [religious holiday], and made assurances that there would be no more [religious holiday] flights, the [local rag] said yesterday.


The **** was pushing for a written commitment. "We need a written obligation, anchored in law and enforceable in a court of law, that ***** will never again desecrate [religious holiday]," the ***** told the newspaper.


The ****** community makes up only 7% of *******'s population, but often has a powerful influence in society. Last month a gay pride march planned in ****** had to be confined to a sports stadium after weeks of protests and riots from religious ********.


The national bus carrier has been forced to run buses with segregated seating dividing men from women in ********* neighbourhoods. In some areas where the buses were not segregated they were stoned by rioting crowds.


In the past ********** have complained about shops, restaurants and cinemas staying open on the [religious holiday] and drivers using some roads on the [religious holiday] near their communities.


******* has recently faced a heavy fall in profits in the face of rising oil prices, extra competition and a drop in tourism.


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Guest optimistic nit

well if judaesim bans work on the sabbath, then i can understand why israel would want to ban flights on the sabbath. last thing they want is to turn out like christianity.

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