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Actually enjoyed the event up till Taker and Shane but it has to be said that the booking was horrendous despite all of that.


Not one of the results were the right one. I mean they might push Styles over Jericho eventually, Sasha might win the belt eventually and Ambrose might not be buried but surely this is the time to do all that not at Extreme Rules or some shit that nobody will watch.

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IC Ladder Match - One or two good spots, crowd started really into Owens & Zayn but why put the belt on a man who was taken off the main roster to tag with Mojo Rawley. In the last year he's probably been seen on RAW a handful of times and his win against Jericho last week was probably his first RAW win in months, he wasn't even supposed to be in the match until Neville got hurt. Where do Owens & Zayn go from here? Neither have the 'look' that Vince likes so neither are getting a push. If they were changing it and not giving it to Zayn it should've been The Miz, a genuine heel who could at least have a decent feud with someone. Ryder shouldn't even be the frame for the US Title never mind this.


Styles & Jericho - Too slow, Jericho for me can't cut it anymore. Heel Jericho is great on the mic and a very good character but he's done as far as being able to put on a high end match. The booking of the finish was awful, completely lost Styles any sort of credit to the general fan with the kicking out of the styles clash and again where do they go from here with either of these two. If Owens or Zayn had have won the IC match you could've then had this feud end with a Styles win and gone into a three way feud for the IC belt with Styles/Zayn/Owens.


New Day & LON - Should've been a DQ with Barrett interfering and then Michaels etc coming down after LON started to talk on the mic. Fine with Austin giving Woods the stunner after the whole dancing shit.


Lesnar & Ambrose - A street fight that consisted of some chairs and a kendo stick, two of the most over wrestlers given 12 minutes in a match thats possibly had the best build up of the lot. Very poor.


Womens Title - Best match of the night but then why spend all night talking about empowering women only for the winner needing her OAP dad to get the win.


Hell in a cell - Please no more Taker he's far too slow and absolutely knackered 5 minutes in. The cell spot was decent but again no surprises and a poor end to that part of the storyline, it doesn't really leave anywhere for Shane to go.


Andre Battle Royal - Decent winner with Corbin who Vince was always going to like because of his size and he can talk pretty well. Interesting with where they go from here if he has had the call up.


The Rock/Wyatts/Cena - Embarrassing.


Reigns/HHH - Reigns is so limited its unbelievable, just another really poor match.


4/10 for the whole thing.

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Just having flashbacks to that show. Oh man it was sooooo long and soooooo bad :lol:


They must've got a great deal on shovels because burials came from every direction. The battle royal + rock/cena combo was probably the worst thing they've ever done. Awful PPV.

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Class idea :lol: :lol:


Anyway, tonight is the real show.


Yesterday - "It's Wrestlemania. They can't fuck up Wrestlemania. They'll pull something out of the bag!"

Today - "It's the RAW after Wrestlemania! They can't fuck up the RAW after Wrestlemania! They'll pull something out of the bag!!"

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now that I've digested it a bit have to say wrestlemania went off the rails with the hiac, before that the matchs were at least decent (preshow included) and in the case of the IC clusterfuck and triple threat pretty damn good, but the hiac match was bad and I did not enjoy Shane leaping off the cell in the slightest, hell my one standout memory from that match was the look on takers face after Shane crashed. Battle Royale was fine I suppose but the Rock section was just a waste of time and a burial of the Wyatts. As for the main event, it was just a poor match. MOTN obviously womens triple threat.

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