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:lol: I don't even see how it looks anymore. I just see where the bullshit is gonna emerge from. You won't ever enjoy a second of it but occasionally you'll lean back like "HOW the fuck did we make it out of that?!" or "Fucking KNEW it'd be an infestation. Fucking KNEW it." or "STOP EATING ALL THE FOOD KAREN YOU BITCH" or "You wouldn't have lung cancer if you didn't smoke all the fucking weed we're making you simple fuck. Oh, you want surgery? I fucking bet."


It will absolutely ruin several actual real life adult days. You'll deadass review your life like "Why am I pissed off? Oh, my rimworld corn blighted right before winter and now we're absolutely fucked. Right."


I get less tolerable in old age with problems like this.


:lol: Then avoid. It's not fun. It's a plate spinning putting out fires simulator.

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life's not all about flashy graphics and big budget game houses dokko


That's like saying life isn't all about pussy and alcohol.

You're five days in crash landed on a planet and Randy sends a pack of 8 manhunting yorkshire terriers and you have to start making choices you won't like and learning a lot about yourself :lol:


It sounds great if i'm honest. I'm worried i don;t get it like you lot.  :lol:


Steam reviews are 98% positive. This backs up the the statistic that 2%of people are a complete waste of space.

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