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:lol: Storage and farming mods are the nude mods of RImworld.


A lot of it is QoL shit, weapons, torture, slavery, meal options, a management desk (I think that's a mod), etc.

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On 03/11/2020 at 08:51, thomas said:




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zero micro of the colonists but everyone was armored enough to survive


also didn't split them well so my traps could take out more of them. maybe another wall/entrance murder gate between the outer and inner walls.



Fair fucking play on surviving that. I'm shit at traps, I over turret. Some of the turret mods are outrageous. I keep colonies small as habit coming from a shit PC and always run into bother with big groups.

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I'm low key mortified at how many people are going to wank themselves silly with their pawns living out misogynistic and misandrist fantasies given the male/female superiority, cannibalism, clothing and slavery precepts.



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