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Dalian Atkinson - RIP

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21 hours ago, ED209 said:

This bit is from the BBC, looks like the defence would probably have a reasonable argument that the cops didn’t cause Atkinson to die with their actions. 

All three of the prosecution's medical experts, the court heard, agreed that while Mr Atkinson's enlarged heart meant that he could have died at any time, the prolonged period of Tasering and the kicks to his head made a "significant contribution" to his death.”

I'm sure there'll be a good case made for the police who are the finest in the world no doubt, but I read that there were witnesses who claimed that the police involved in this case kicked Atkinson in the head when he was prone on the ground, and his partner also whacked him with a baton while he was on the deck. 

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2 hours ago, Robster said:

I want to believe that typo wasn't deliberate.

It's a common quantifier. A punch of posts, a fist of comments, a headlock of messages etc.



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To be fair the prosecution will always accuse defendants of not telling the truth, the same as the defence will always accuse witnesses of not telling the truth. 



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