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Lenny’s Lasses

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29 minutes ago, thomas said:

that second pfizer dose fuck with your eyes too, you lab-grown vagina? "not attractive in the slightest" FOH

It's just a chonky piece of trailer trash, but whatever floats your boat :dontknow:

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10 minutes ago, Super Duper Branko Strupar said:

:lol: It's not the ladies you'd take home to meet your mother, thread. She'd be more of a night spent sniffing bugle off her chest kinda entry. Live a little. 

Fat tits does not equal good tits, rather bad saggy ones.

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Just now, cubaricho said:


According to my research, they are in fact fake, so thanks to science, not saggy at all.

Fake > Real. Just visually more pleasing. 



Edited by Kaizero

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