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Rafa Benítez (now managing Everton)

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Guest firetotheworks

Pleased to say that my embarrassment at the thread's creation was entirely wrong and that my disdain for his (to an extent) huff and puff Liverpool team completely changed when he was put in charge of us. Absolutely love the man, as the majority of us do. Absolute hero for us as a manager, the graft he puts in, the way he just 'gets it' when it comes to the fans, the off the field work he does, and of course his honesty with the fans regarding the behind the scenes liars. He's the dude.

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Two managers in a row now saying how they were beaten fair and square by the better team. No excuses, imagine if we'd had bought an extra bit of quality in even just 2 more positions man.


We can't even enjoy winning :lol:


Fucking Ashley.


Shite window aside I'm looking forward to seeing him getting the best out of what he's got. It's going to be organised, well drilled, hard working and practical, but it will help a few of our players grow in to the premiership and kickstart their careers at this level. If we can prove we have turned the corner come January, players who were out of our reach may give us a second glance and we get the chance to build on what we've got. You never know, we may do enough to convince him to stay beyond the season.

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