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Football Manager 2022

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:lol: Saw it was mock news coverage and just shut it down. What's new this year?


The one thing i noticed was squad harmony and who's friends with who, group social stuff among your players. In other words utter shite that has nothing to do with playing a football game, i'll hate that stuff.


Tiny bit of 3d match play at the very end of that vid, looks like nothing has changed with that, which would be ridiculous.

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Skipped FM 17 last year, first time I've skipped a release since I discovered the series with CM 4... was planning on buying it this year and doing what I do with FIFA (buy it bi-annually), but Miles Jacobson makes my skin crawl... might see what the feature list I guess, otherwise I'll just get FM 17 cheap and rebuild from the Championship with Newcastle.

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Really basic question here as I've always bought the game with a disc... if you buy the game through Steam, what happens if your computer doesn't connect to Steam or Steam is down or something?

perfectly playable if steam's in offline mode, think it just needs to be opened once online or something

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