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Manchester City (a) 20/1/18

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I agreed to go to this to a Man City supporting mate of mine, him in the home end and me in our end. Was just wondering, providing Sky don't f*** me over on shift it to the Monday night...


Will it drop to 0 points? I expect it to due to it being a larger allocation and a ground we've historically been took apart on time after time but just making sure.


What are the chances of me getting a ticket in the lower tier?





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I would think it'll drop to 0. 3k tickets, which will go on sale in December when a lot of folk will have other priorities for their cash. That said Man Utd doesn't look like getting to 0 but I think that's more to do with it being (ludicrously) our first Saturday away game of the season. Even if it didn't hit 0 I'd dare bet there'd be a few spares floating about on Twitter and the like a couple of weeks before when people realise they're skint after Xmas.

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