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1 hour ago, neesy111 said:


Bitcoin doesn't equal all cryptocurrency. Bitcoin wastes a lot but basically all newer projects are greener and don't use proof-of-work which is the reason for the waste.



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23 hours ago, neesy111 said:

Think we are going to have some big economic shocks coming soon with the credit taps being shut off after the lockdown's of the pandemic.

I think your right, one thing I'm confused about just now is engineering in the North East is booming, with most companies looking to take on unfortunately there is a critical shortage of good staff and apprentices.

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Got 50k in Hei in my account. 


Introducing HEI Points

A Brand New Way of Thinking About Money


What are HEI Points?

HEI Points are a point-based reward system for HEI Subscribers and will soon be a new form of currency. This system allows you to build value and show your loyalty to the HEI Network.


Finance experts agree that HEI Points will replace the U.S. Dollar by 2022.

What can they be used for?

HEI Points are worldwide and will have thousands of uses beyond the obvious ones. The only limitation is your willingness to think big.

HEI Points are about building and storing value in an uncertain world.


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I've got a mate who's on one like that, there's apparently no way that he can end up with anything less than about £1,500 a month coming in off its gains


He bought it at $0.30 and it's currently trading at $0.05 but it's totally the next big one, apparently



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