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Will Sunderland Be Promoted from LEAGUE ONE? 0 = No chance 10 = Definitely  

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  1. 1. Will Sunderland Be Promoted from LEAGUE ONE? 0 = No chance 10 = Definitely

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Aye, fucking howling at it when I saw it on twitter.


Pipe down, Ray Winstone when he’s fallen on hard times.


RTG predictably fewming about this.  One reckons his daughter was there and everyone around her was bewwing.


Aye, sounds like it.  Daft cunt.



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Everything that happens now for NUFC will feed their bitterness and wild conspiracies of "magedia" to the next level. 


Every decision by a ref or VAR, every transfer, every sponsor, any rule changes by the prem league and anything the club does for the community. 


They are best off forgetting we exist and focus on turning their club around, making it a sustainable championship or prem club.  If they can crawl out of  L1. 



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35 minutes ago, Dancing Brave said:

"COVID rules don't apply to the mags it seems?

EH tested posiive last Friday, with no symptoms. The 10 day count started last Saturday and his isolation ends at midnight Monday."



When I saw that this thread had been bumped I just knew that it would include something like this. Marvellous :lol:

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I'd be amazed if there wasn't a slew of posts along the lines of 'Hahaha shame Rangnick turned them down, he would have been perfect for them...' 


June 2022: 'Rangnick considered for NUFC DoF role after interim Man Utd post ends'


RTG: "Hahaha that would be perfect, he's shite!"



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1 hour ago, midds said:

Spend all of his RTG gained time on twitter? :lol:


He might even start discussing the club he supports? Maybe? 


I'm far from convinced he is an actual Sunderland fan, I think he just posts on there voicing his pure hate (and it was nearly as bad before the takeover) as they are our derby rivals, so his hate will get the likes. 

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