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2018 - Finished

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31 minutes ago, TheInfiniteOdyssey said:

That Party Animals game looks amazing, can't even imagine how funny it'll be to play that in local multiplayer.


The biggest shock is it's not from the studio that developed Gang Beasts. 

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I thought that was an excellent conference overall, not necessarily for Xbox but for Xbox Game Pass if that makes sense.


However, the last announcement of Arkane Studios (Dishonored, Prey) making an open-world shooter with a heavy co-op focus has taken the shine off it slightly for me.


They were one of the last major developers making immersive sims, so for them to now switch direction to a multiplayer shooter is disheartening


Also the tone of the game in all respects - weaponry, dialogue, enemy designs and dynamic seemed uninspired.





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On 13/06/2021 at 09:41, TBG said:

Rainbow 6: Extraction :lol:


So what makes Siege so good? The PvP competitiveness. No two matches are the same. Okay so let's set the next game against AI controlled aliens. Stonks.

I feel like this could have been just as good if not better if they just used a new IP so they weren't tied into loads of "lets knock down this wall for no reason at all" equipment/characters.


On 13/06/2021 at 03:57, Sima said:

With so many games being delayed and so many rumours flying around there are very little ‘Megaton’ announcements anymore.


Ubisoft as one of the biggest publishers there gave us what? Some wank movie tie-in and Mario Rabbids 2? Boring.

I heard they're pushing some F2P games hard this year.

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