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A New Series we are launching

Vinny Green Balls

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This is the first episode of a travelog series we are launching, which aims to challenge the axioms of cultures. Each episode will be about 5-minutes long, a bit like AJ+ or Now This. However, ours are a bit more like short documentaries, and mostly thread into a deeper concept about how we essentially construct fictions and accept them as fact. There will also be upcoming episodes in Paris, Sarajevo, Oulu, the Isle of Man, Oakland, Los Angeles, and the Salton Sea.



Those of you who have seen my film will recognize the subject of the first episode.


I'd appreciate feedback. It's only five minutes of your time.



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A black man's genitalia.

Person 1: Hey, did you see that naked picture of Chris Brown?

Person 2: Yeah man, some clobber on him

#clobber#black man#penis#dick#shlong

by DerpyMcDerperson July 10, 2012


Did you see the rough cut?


:lol: well there’s one thing I learned today. Clobber = clothes in England.

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