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Not sure it’s the same one but a friend of mine who’s really into horror was raving about ‘Hereditary’ last week.


Sounded deeply unsettling, I won’t be watching it. :lol:

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Guest Howaythetoon

The new Gotti film, what a load of shite. As someone who is interested in this shit I was looking forward to it, especially as I love JT and thought he could pull it off. But it was some kind of performance that I can only describe as a cross between his Shapiro character from the OJ vs The People series and Don Carleone from the God Father.


I know the real Gotti is long since dead, but there is enough footage of him to tie down his mannerisms, the way he talked and how he carried himself. It seems to me he just went into it with his own idea of Gotti and went from there, that or he just turned up for the payday because it was a poor performance. Not shite acting as such, just a poor version of the person he was playing.


Gotti was relaxed, full of smiles, charm and nowhere near as clear speaking in terms of his vocabulary, this was like an ultra tense, uptight, posh and sage Gotti. Overacting? This performance wouldn’t have looked out of place on a stage, obviously not as Gotti.


Such a shame because it could have been an epic portrayal of the man and although it was clearly a story of a father and son relationship and some bull shit about honour and integrity, it was all over the place throughout.


It tried to be slick and fast paced with the music, but it blew over every aspect of him as a character, his family and his whole life as a member of the mafia so quickly that it didn’t touch his story at all in any detail given it no depth at all. As for the guy that played his son, he was more wooden than an elm tree and the guy that played Sammy the Bull whose part probably counted all of 5 minutes or so, he looked nowt like him. How hard can it be :lol:


The whole father and son dialogue was such bull shit as well, Gotti is on record being anything but a wise and loving father figure and his son was considered a joke and an embarrassment to him and others.


I was so looking forward to it as well, glad I watched it online on some stream thing and not paid for it.


What was JT’s last good film btw?


Was good to see him without his hair transplant mind and he’s still one handsome bastard.

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Thor Ragnarok, knew I would find it boring and I did. Some decent quips I suppose.


You don't deserve this thread :huff:


To be fair, I was midly disappointed by it just because friends had built it up so much. I wouldn't have called it boring though :lol:.


Spiderman: Homecoming was way better, imo.


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Guest Howaythetoon

Probably Pulp Fiction. :lol:


Pelham 123 is okayish I suppose. But Tony Scott and him gan radge with various camera angles and distortions annoys me though. It's what holds back Man On Fire.


Need to watch that again, such a great film and Pelham 123 was canny, more popcorn type film though. I thought, when I heard he was going to play Gotti, that he would be ideal for the role and do it justice, but it didn’t work. Shit script/dialogue and poor casting, that and JT looks like he didn’t even research the bloke or if he did, thought he could add his own slant.


The first film about Gotti was much better even though it was hammed up at times and full of inaccuracies as well.

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Marketa Lazarová


Reputedly the greatest Czech film ever made.

I have mixed feelings about it.

In it's depiction of the middle ages I don't think I've seen anything that can quite match it, for sheer visceral dirtiness. The plot basically involves pagan warlords warring and then getting their comeuppance.

But for all my admiration, and I have a lot of admiration for the cinematography and the cinematic poetry on offer here, I have reservations.

[*]I understand that this is a poetic transcription and thus I can excuse a certain lack of narrative coherence and it's really not that coherent, just a bit muddled at times. But then see above, depiction of the middle ages.

[*]It's very long and I have patience but my patience is not what it once was, I need a reward for that patience every so often.  Ok, maybe this is just me being unprepared for a 165 minute film, but it's slow.


I gave it 8/10 because it utterly unique, although it did remind me at times of one of my favourite films Andrei Rublev which is also set in a similar period and is much better IMHO, though very different. Great film though, thoroughly recommend you watch it Andrei Rublev


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