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Is Israel the real danger to world peace?


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Bet Tom_NUFC would know. blueyes.gif


Surely a nailed on RobW speciality. ;)

One learned about it, one lived through it.

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Israel has the most heavily funded propganda machine in America ( Washington) in modern history of one country influencing the politics of another.


are you suggesting that the article is not to be believed because of this?  which i'm not denying btw.  i'm more interested in reponses to the ww1 british mass media campaigns & the influence they're alleged to have had on hitler.  i've never heard this before and want to know if native brits can shed some light on the topic for me.


American-Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), otherwise known as "The Lobby" in Washington. Visit their website for a rundown of their achievements ie. influencing White House foreign policy in the Middle East region.


thanks, i am fairly well aware of the pro-israel lobby in DC.  i actually used to live in a very jewish part of america.  i really want to know about the british mass media campaigns of WWI etc...


Sounds like a job for Mr Google. :)


yes, of course i can google it.   but i want real "man in the street", "eyewitness to history" sort of stuff.   were any of you as students taught this sort of thing?  was it mentioned in textbooks?  


Er... :)



What are you like?


not sure i'm understanding the question.  is it the geordie, "what are you, like?"  or are you asking me for similes about myself?   :coolsmiley:


All empires have an idealistic core (misguided or otherwise), that is the driving force. Ideals are often blind. Propoganda isn't really the dessimination of these ideals and goals, but a counter story that loops/reverses the idea that the Empire is actually under thread. Propoganda only really works once  people accept that these conflicting 'stories' are both true.


The mind works with dualities and especially with survival or emotional issues it needs stark contrast. Once this is blurred by propoganda, people find it difficult to make a judgement call on whether what their country is doing is actually good for them or bad. Nowadays peoples ability to differentiate is so eroded, laughable ideas of the survival of whole countries and races is patently believed. I mean really big 'fears', fears that make the bad data, fears that are like ghosts, fears of biblical proportions are digested and held as 'truths' when infact there is very little evidence. Modern propoganda makes the danger seems very intangible and almost indistingushable from  lower brain (flight or fight) notions of evil, as if it will overwhelm as if 'the danger' almost has magic powers. Bottom line is that it is actually so vast and overwhelming the mind although questioning it cannot step away from it using rational thought because it attacks our base and primeval fears.


It is important for the state NOT to ever truly quantify danger, never to give and rational or statistical information that people can make informed judgements with...That is when you know propoganda is at work. Al Quieda is a good example it very much fits the bill as the 'enemy within', just a the Nazi framed the Jews. You have to believe two concepts which are mutually exclusive at the same time: That AQ operate from highly trained cells which are dotted around major cities waiting to strike and ALSO that nearly EVERY Muslim is a source of possible danger, that they are 'everyhere'.

Now both of these can't be true. Higly trained and motivated terror cells are very rare this is a FACT if you look at the history of terrorism it is always a very small group of fanatics/idealogues, yet at the same time we are led to beleive that almost ANY Muslim/Islamist is capable of nipping down the garden center and next wandering the streets with a big bag on his back. Now both of these things can't be true.  The same with Israel and I have talked to people (right wing Christian fuandamentist types) and explained the massive military power Israel is with infrastructue supplied from the state of the art American arsenal, that it is the sole nuclear power in the region....They refuse to believe Israel isn't in constant mortal danger from its neighbours. :)

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Al Quaida is an IDEA - and that is why it is so dangerous


all the rest about "organisation" is missing the point


Nail on head. But more importantly it is 'internationalist' in its makeup...It operates across borders it is at war with another 'idea'.

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New homes planned on occupied land.


"Jerusalem's city council plans to build three new Jewish settlements on land it occupied in 1967, in contravention of international law, it was announced yesterday. The estates will be built on land that has been earmarked for a future Palestinian state, close to Bethlehem and Ramallah.

International law forbids construction on land acquired by war, but since 1967 Israel has built homes for around 500,000 Israelis in the West Bank and Jerusalem."

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