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Rats On A Plane!!!


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Mass mouse escape on Saudi plane   


More than 100 passengers on a Saudi plane were left panic-stricken by the unexpected appearance of furry fellow flyers - dozens of mice. The small rodents - about 80 in total, according to a local newspaper - escaped from the bag of a man travelling on the domestic flight.


An airline official said the aircraft was at 28,000 feet (8,500m) when mice began scurrying around the cabin.


Some of the mice fell on passengers' heads, Al-Hayat newspaper reports.  bluebigeek.gif


The incident occurred on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight from the capital, Riyadh, to north-eastern town of Tabuk. The flight landed safely and the bag's owner was detained by police investigating how he managed to get the mice onto the plane.


No explanation was given for the man's live cargo.




Arab News actually reported the same story as rats on a plane rather than mice...have to admit I'd probably have freaked out as well - the sight of a 6 foot 7 bloke jumping up and down on top of his seat may have been quite amusing...



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