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Card Trick


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Saw this quality card trick last night, bloke lays down 3 red and 3 blacks on the table then has the pack in his hand face down. Next he ask you to tell him what side (red or black) you want the cards to be dealt (still all face down). One all the cards have been dealt out he puts each side into a pile then mixes them up, splits them and shuffles them, deals them all out onto the table and the reds all come out first together then all the blacks!


No idea how he did it but it looked class.

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I saw this trick years ago


The key is to place a row of reds face down (regardless of what colour is nominated) then to place a load of blacks face down.


When you 'shuffle' them you get them all together


PS Winston Churchill was shown the same trick and he couldn't figure it out either

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