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Women's Football

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When does Nigeria play next?


Our striker Asisat Oshoala is so good man. One of the really top athletes playing in the women's game.


You guys should check her out.



They play France now, I believe on Monday. Oshoala and Ordega are both class on the wings, tbh, but the rest of the team is so very poor. :lol: I know I should not be too expectant (there is so little investment in the game), but some of the passing and defensive errors from midfield and defense would have been laughable on the Ibadan schoolyards of my youth.

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Inspiring stuff from that Chile side. They'll be lucky to be making anything (financially) from the game, but they played with so much passion and tenacity in a game they were never going to win. They defended their goal with their lives in that second half- just class and fair play to them.


Both teams took a bit of an old fashioned kicking at times yet just got on with it. Makes a nice change from the soft as shite, needless drama of the mens game these days.

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and this tournament has officially sealed my absolute detestment of VAR calling back a missed (as in off target) penalty by france for the keeper being off the line by a couple of inches tops seems completely overzealous enforcement of the rules

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