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The 2020-21 Betting Thread

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Card trixie, Cork (9s), Elmo (10s), Wan-Bissaka (9s), treble pays 1100/1.


Had a wee go myself on Elmo, mendy & Fred £5 trixie (£556) £1 straight treble £302


And cork, mili & lindstrum £230 back


Lundstrum & nakamba cards 30/1

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Skybet are offering 5/2 Jones on our next manager - they pay out on 10 games or more - we currently have 12 left!


They won't even consider it unless we hit the bottom 3. That might be tonight of course. However whilst we are 4th bottom he won't care about the rest. Even if we went down he would want a manager with lots of championship experience and promotions on his CV and knows the club. Guess who that will be!

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